January 01

Adult Art Classes

Julio Panisello

Hello Painters,

My name is Julio Panisello and I’m the instructor of the Adult Classes at Art Works. I create and teach the curriculum for the adult sessions in the studio.

Please click here to view the up-to-date weekly schedule. You’ll find class descriptions and current scheduled lessons. The address of the studio is 660 N. Larchmont Blvd. LA.

I plan the lessons so we start and finish an assignment during each 2-hour session. You come in the studio for a class and when the class is finished you leave with a completed piece. Here is our online class gallery.

When planning the lessons I focus on flexibility. I understand how hard it is to commit to an ongoing class and that’s why the class curriculum is not built on continuity.  I work on developing a cumulative curriculum. This means you can join my classes at any time throughout the year. The more sessions you attend, the further your artwork is going to develop. It doesn’t matter when you come in, only how often you can come to the studio.

In addition to flexibility, you are not required to have a specific artistic level to join my classes. My students consist of professional artists, artists who haven’t held a brush in decades, and everyone else in between. I propose assignments that will give you a clear framework for your class creation. I will tell you where we are starting from and guide you in the direction of each lesson. I let everyone, based on their own personal artistic level, incorporate the class concepts into their own practice for each assignment. I focus on your individual artistic progress from class to class.

So, what do I teach? I am constantly learning as an artist in my own practice and by studying other artists’ work. I usually develop the assignment from the inspiration of a piece of art I’ve seen, discovered, or read about. This allows me to apply specific concepts in drawing, color, composition, style, and technique in each lesson. I also put a lot of emphasis on the creative process to help you move past creative obstacles and to gain efficient organizational skills. I strive to make the class different each time so you can develop your own style and avoid painting the same work over again.

During the class I support the assignment with group instructions. I provide visual examples of my instruction on my own sample in order to help guide the process and to facilitate pacing. I also give individual feedback to help guide your creative development. With this guidance you then are free to make your own artistic decisions on your own painting. I avoid modeling steps and then expecting students to follow them.

I highly respect your time in the studio with me, so I make sure your time is worth your investment in the class: flexibility, a cumulative curriculum, non-required level, variation in assignments. Everything in my classes is built so you can experience the maximum amount of exposure to artistic concepts and at the same time produce the maximum amount of creative results.

And of top of it, you don’t have to bring any materials and we clean up after you leave the studio. The groups are small, the classes are fun and very informal, and everyone is very nice and welcoming. Come give it a try!

What materials do we use in class?

Our support is always paper and our mediums are acrylic and oil. Check the schedule here to find out about each class.

How much does class cost?

The classes include the 2-hour period, all the materials, instruction and pre-class set up. We have everything ready for you before you come and we take care of everything after you leave.

  • Single drop-in class: $45
  • 4-class series: $175 ($43/class)
  • 10-class series: $350 ($35/class)
  • 20-class series: $600 ($30/class)

How do you sign up?

We use an online class managing software to organize sign ups, payments, and attendance. It’s the best way to find up-to-date schedule information, and check your own payments and attendance. We require online pre-registration before coming to class.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

You can SIGN UP to class in any of the following ways:

  • Via MindBody. Login>Classes
  • Emailing me at julio(at)artworksstudio.org.

Other common questions about the class.

  • Age requirements? +18, no exceptions. Groups fluctuate each week. Almost every class will have a new student in it.
  • Repeat a class? I teach 2 sets lessons a week divided between acrylic and oil. You are welcome to join any of the sessions within a single week but please know I’ll be proposing the same assignment for acrylic and for oil. Sometimes people like to try the project a second time in the same week.

Feel free to send and email to me if you have any further questions julio(at)artworksstudio.org.

Add your name and email address here if you’d like to receive my weekly newsletter detailing schedules, lesson descriptions, and announcements.

As a class testimonial, here is an interview one of my students recently gave at Entertainment Today Radio on 2/28/2014. (Thank you Sarah J.).

And here is a blog post on My Yuppie Life (Thank you Molly S.): http://www.thisyuppielife.com/2014/08/15/inner-artiste/

See you in class!


Julio Panisello


Click here to view our class gallery.