• LOCATION: Art Works Studio & Classroom
  • 660 N. Larchmont Blvd (@  Melrose Ave) LA 90004. 323 463 2562
  • Opening Day: Saturday, Saturday November 14th, 2015
  • TIME: 6pm-9pm

I LIKE YOURS is a pop up group exhibition curated by Julio Panisello featuring artwork from the following artists:

Michael Barba, Liv Estrup, Paul Julien Freed, Sarah Jennings, Ruthie Leah, Darlene Levin, Julieta Lima, John G. Lundberg, Claire Louise Partin, Charlotte Tarantola, Mary Worthington

The exhibition presents a selection of pieces inspired and developed from artistic assignments proposed during art classes at Art Works Studio & Classroom over Spring/Summer  2015.

The framework of each session is based on a variety of subject matters, techniques, and concepts, providing each of the participating artists with the opportunity to reflect their own artistic language on a series of personal and original visual pieces.

Work on display and artist info.

You Sit. I’ll Stand. We’ll Wait. 24×18, Acrylic and Charcoal on Paper $300

My Pretty, Pink Pony Party 24×18, Acrylic on Paper $10

MICHAEL BARBA: While majoring in architecture at Tulane University (and spending too much time in the French Quarter), Michael also studied drawing, art and minored in photography. Since graduating he practiced architecture and graphic design. He currently is owner of a design/build architectural design and construction firm specializing in home design and remodeling. At varying times in his professional career he has maintained a connection to figurative drawing and painting in classes at ArtWorks Studio, UCLA, Barnsdall Art Park, and various studio classes.

Persimmon for Two 9×12, oil on Mylar $300
Dancers Delight 9×12, oil on Mylar $300

LIV ESTRUP spent her childhood working alongside a multi-media artist mother (who believed you should teach your children everything you know) and a civil engineer father (a frustrated architect). Drawn early into her mother’s projects and often designing at her father’s drafting table, she has continued to pursue various creative endeavors (music, mime, improvisational theatre, drawing, pastels, painting). Liv’s Santa Monica College photography studies evolved into film projects – Flying Without Wings, The Four-Footed Therapist and What’s Behind the Empty Chair? Liv has been a psychotherapist, teacher, and trainer over the past 45 years. Until recently her favorite activity was travel. Now, besides painting, it’s exploring life as Grandma Liv. www.LivEstrup.com

Life is Fine 9×12, oil on Mylar Price upon request

Moonlight Drive 9×12, oil on Mylar Price upon request


As a visual artist, my work finds inspiration from a near-death experience that confronted me with life’s transience. My life as an artist came to an abrupt halt at the turn of the century when I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Since that time, I have been increasingly focused on the fleeting quality of human life through my work. This particular body of work expands my exploration of mortality; its impermanence and the potential destruction of memory. The portraits in this series are the visual venue that enables me to express life’s cycles and decay. Visually, I work on revealing deepening layers of the physical world in order to expose how frail and arbitrary life can seem. The portraits are both a diagram of the anatomical as well as an acceptance of circumstances beyond human control. The layers visually fade, frame, unveil, and disintegrate. Conceptually, I believe that memory can best be preserved with acceptance rather than suffering. All of these portraits are meant to memorialize my physical existence against what is closely confronting me: the ephemeral. pjfreed@me.com

Black Cat 9×12, oil on Mylar SOLD

Union Station 9×12, oil on Mylar $300

SARAH JENNINGS studied photography with Gjon Mili and stone sculpture with Pat Diska in the Sarah Lawrence summer art program, in Lacoste, France. A year of art studies in Paris followed, and included drawing and painting, photography and art history at the Ecole du Louvre. For the past five years Sarah has studied drawing and painting at ARTWORKS; one year with Melanie Cain and four years with Julio Panisello. mvos20@hotmail.com

Contemplation to Resolve 24X18 Acrylic and soul on paper $500

Children Sweet as Candy 24X18 Acrylic and love on paper $500

RUTHIE LEAH  is an artist and writer from birth. But as life shifts- so does focus shift. From art to musical arts to comedy  to medical arts. She became a trapeze artist and involved with circus arts. Then when her brother suddenly passed away – leaving her loads of art supplies – many brand new – and after donating so much to various charities and homeless shelters and Alzheimer homes and schools -and still having loads left over, she had to rethink what to do with all the surplus in his art studio.  The light bulb went on and Ruthie decided her (close -like- a -twin) brother Wolfie was screaming at her “Use this stuff I left for you and become the creative force you were destined to be.”  Now with the incredible support of Julio Panisello, the healing of personal loss has begun and rebirth is now created through the paintings.  The hope is to create healing , love and joy in life .  Always choose LOVE.

Curious Yellow 18×24, acrylic on paper $300

Ballet Dreams 9×12, oil on mylar $300

DARLENE LEVIN is an actress and is best known for her role of Fauna Amor in The Addams Family film. Darlene has been studying with Julio for about a year and credits him for exposing her to a new avenue of creativity. darlenelevin@gmail.com

Breakfast 18×24, Acrylic $300

Photo Jul 13, 5 58 03 PM
No Cargot 18×24, Acrylic $300

JULIETA LIMA was born in Buenos  Aires, Argentina. Coming from an Artistic oriented school, Julieta combined her art studies with communication and advertising. In 1997 she enrolled in the Center of Film Investigation. In 2001 She decided to finish her studies in the University of California. While pursuing her Film career, she also developed a passion for the visual Arts. Julieta has been studying with Julio for the last two years. This is her third art show with Artworks Studio.

IMG_4690 IMG_4330

JOHN G. LUNDBERG has always loved painting and drawing. He majored in French at St. John’s University where he also studied drawing, sculpture and art history. After receiving an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, he studied and worked around the world. His weekly class with Julio Panisello at Artworks is food for his soul. www.linkedin.com/johnglundberg

IMG_4296 IMG_4571

CLAIRE LOUISE PARTIN is the product of artist parents who took their four daughters to art museums and gallery openings since birth. As the attention-starved third child Claire found self-expression in the performing arts as an actor, writer and stand-up comedian. Julio’s class brings Claire back to her childhood spent drawing at the kitchen table with her sisters. Claire takes commissions to paint people’s pets, which can be seen along with her art and photography at clairepartinart.com, clairepartin.see.me, sketchbookproject.com/library/14936,

Brain Dump 9 x 12, oil on mylar $300

Sexy Beast 24 x 18 charcoal and pastel on paper $300

CHARLOTTE TARANTOLA (or as everyone calls her, “Glitter”), has the unique DNA of a disco ball and is quite literally sparkling in both spirit and eyeliner on any given day. Charlotte’s creative talents peaked at a young age with mud pie-making and finger-painting on canvases, walls and even herself as a child. In 1986, she bought a one-way ticket from Eugene Oregon to New York city for fashion school, and when drag queens hosted the university’s welcome tour she knew she’d found home. 20 years later, Glitter retired her eponymous fashion brand. In her free time one might find her with her four cats and husband cycling across Australia, paddling a Hawaiian outrigger canoe, or painting while smoking and drinking. One of the things she loves most are her nights spent enjoying what she calls, “brain yoga” –  painting in Julio’s class at Art Works Studio. 100% of Glitter’s artwork sale proceeds go to ASPCALA for a 100% “funds matching” program to help save animals. charlottet@charlottetarantola.com

Hangin at the Corner Store 18×24, acrylic on paper $300

Homage to Urban Light 24×18, mixed media on paper $300

MARY WORTHINGTON has been making art since she was in kindergarten and discovered that she could copy the picture of a tree that the teacher drew on the board.  She got really good at coloring inside the lines and has spent much of her life unlearning those early lessons.

She is represented by Michael Hale of haleARTS s p a c e in the Edgemar Center in Santa Monica, and has participated in a number of exhibitions there, including a solo show in 2012. Her work was featured in exhibitions at the Otis College of Art and Design and at the Los Angeles GLBT Center. She has studied with Julio Panisello for three years and is grateful for the opportunity to work with such an enthusiastic and gifted teacher and talented classmates.  www.maryworthington.com

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